When will the servers stabilize?


I’m getting tried of being able to play only a few rounds of evolve then having to restart the game entirely in order ti reconnect to the servers. What the hell TRS/2K


What platform?


Most likely Xbox One. Been happening to me a lot as well.


I’ve heard PC is having problems too


PC’s only having issues when Steam servers occasionally go down for maintenance (because those are used for continuous authentication). Other than that, things seem to work well.
Servers are 2K’s, I believe; I don’t know much on those.


Look, all you need to know about any server is that somebody somewhere probably spilled coffee into it about twelve seconds ago.

#Murphy’s Laws


I have a lot of troubles searching with parties on PS4. So its just the PS4,Xbox and PC servers that need sorting. The Nintendo ones run fine :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t play last night (got sick with the flu or something yuck) but tuesday night on Xbox One was almost impossible to find a game. When I did finally get into a match it was only with one other human player and it would never add more players to the game. It was also the same night where the AI bots were in super overdrive at least for me because they were pulling off impossible moves such as AI hank dropping orbitals literally right on top of me even though he did not have line of sight on me.