When will the problems be solved + Player counts?


First post on this forum. Let me begin by saying that i’m a big fan of the TRS work. I have played L4D1 (PC) hours, competitively and even when it was not more an activ game, i was still playing with old “progamers” in mix, it was great fun. I have then played L4D2 (PC) for fun as i don’t think the game is suited for competitiv gaming.

When i have heard about your new game Evolve, i was sure to buy it and i was sure that i would love it. It’s the case but there are some points that are not that good and that have not been fixed since launch (playing on PS4). Well i won’t list the good things about the game, globally the game is great and i enjoy playing it but here are the problems that piss me off (for information, i’m from west Europe) :

  • matchmaking is broken when we play with friends. We always have to play against a monster bot. If we are 2 playing togethers, it’s often that we don’t find enough players to have a full game. You should create a lobby option as in L4D.

  • since the last update, i experience framerate/instability/performance problems, it’s annoying and the experience is not optimal

It would be great to get a fix before the game is dead… At least, give us infos.

Also, could you tell us what is the player count on consoles per region (number of unique players playing in 24h) ?




I used to play with a solid group, but it’s so hard to find a monster player these days. Match making isn’t working well with so little player counts daily (PC).

It’s has already become a spiralling downward loop of “Try to play with friends, but can’t find opposition > Can’t play with friends > Friends stop playing > I stop playing”

Sorry if this rustles any jimmies out there, but that is simply how it is.

The only real way to play with a monster player if you’re playing with friends is to do a 5 man game (1 as a monster) or wait a REALLY long time to find a monster player in matchmaking, and even then he is more often not a fair match up.


As the player count is decreasing everyday, they should open the matchmaking to all levels and to not so far region means : european 20 lvl monster could play against a usa 40 lvl team. It would be easier to find players… Also, i think they should be more reactive to fix the mains perf/online problems. It’s so annoying that everybody is stopping to play. This game has so much potential. It’s really better than any other multiplayer fps, i mean i enjoy it so much more. Sad !

Would still like to know the player counts on PS4/One. Please an answer, dev/community manager ?



it seems like nobody wants to play as the monster anymore cause there are too many players begging for everything to be NERFED and the hunters to be buffed so it’s made it really hard to learn to be the monster or to be a good monster. It’s so easy to be killed when playing the monster and almost as easy for the hunters to catch you and find out where you are.


Well easy to be killed when the monster doesn’t know what he is doing. As a Kraken, i rarely loose more than 1 health bar stage 2 winning, even against average+/good team.


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Ok thanks.

@DamJess What is the current player counts on PS4/One ?



Heh was part of supereffectives team. Can’t find a game grouped, easy enough to find one solo and invite him in though go figure. Worst thing is still being a monster player that situation that can’t fill the monster slot that’s been empty four rounds in a row. Game can only really be played solo right now on pc. Matchmaking is finiky as fuck other wise.


To be clear to folks, I and many like me WANT to play Evolve. But playing lobby simulator / AI Smashing over and over makes for a dull game.

Sure you could argue “Why not take your team and go competitive?” Well first of all, I’m not to keen on making that leap in time and commitment for when I simply want to play the game casually. Unfortunately, Hotfix or Balance changes or “Micro patches” won’t fix this problem, I am afraid that the matchmaking will need to be loosened up (or a lobby browser made like L4D) for the PC platform because SOME GAMES is better than NO GAMES.