When will the next evolve sale be?


I want to buy a few copys of evolve to play with my friends and Im sorry if i sound cheap but will there be a sale on evolve again ? ANd when ? If possible before end June


My guess is the steam summer sale, which is going to be around the end of june I believe. Should be around the time the summer patch releases too


I hope so. How much will it be off ? %


I honestly have no idea. My guess would be somewhere around 50% off, maybe 75% if they’re feeling generous


kk We are planning a small tournement with Evolve to cellebrate the end of mid year exams .

Im the only one who has evolve atm so … they will be shrekt.

But i dont have the money to buy 7 copys of evolve full price so i am hoping for a sale


Check amazon, the standard version is only 12 dollars at the moment with the ultimate edition for 25: http://www.amazon.com/Evolve-PlayStation-4/dp/B00HKCIT0O.

off course, if you are looking for PC only the standard version is cheap for about 15 dollars right now but even then it is cheaper in a steam sale or on greenmangaming or g2a.


Whenever we see sales for Evolve we’ve been putting them in this Topic

So you can check that out every once in a while, there have been some good deals depending on what system you want.


Alternatively, you can set your preference for that topic to “Watching” and you’ll be notified whenever there’s a new post.


If you are buying it for friends I wouldn’t class asking that as cheap at all :grin:


Actually a lot of people on Ps4 have been saying there was a mega sale for Evolve. I believe it contained all dlc. Almost every game in Hunt, people said its my first day and I got it from a sale.

Had to be going on still or last week


Hello, which platform?

I might be able to help :wink:


I actually got the idea of watching you on your Funny moments with evolve video. Most players rage if we lose but i just want a team that playes for fun , and i know my friends arent tryhards


platform is PC