When will the monsters be reworked?


@Insane_521, @GentlemanSquirl

Now that all hunters except Kala are in a fairly sweet spot, is it finally time to rework some monsters? Pretty much everyone agrees that only Goliath is balanced on all skill levels. That results in Goliath pick rates that feel like 90% and easy wins against all other monsters for higher skilled hunter teams. I like fighting Goliaths the most but it’s starting to get boring.

So, will September be the month of reworking monsters? :slight_smile:

You’ve probably already seen the thread but this would be my analysis:

Maybe it can help you to make the correct adjustments.


Kala’s pretty good if you’ve got a team. Simple as that. She’s not weak and if they buff her too much, she’ll probably be a bit over the top.

She needs good communication and coordination and a slightly higher level of skill since you haven’t got easy win point and click tools and requires everyone to play to her strengths well enough, but when that happens she’s pretty good.

Similar to how a novice Kraken is like a baby deer but a master Kraken is probably the most dangerous monster opponent.


That aside, I know they’re doing a Behemoth rework, and maybe they’ll consider reworking Wraith too?

Those two done, there’s not much reworking to be done. Just a lot of tweaking. :smiley:


I think it’s less that monsters need reworks, and more that some of their more irritating/less useful abilities need to be replaced.


Never. We will always cry in a corner…


Replacing abilities is a form of a rework.
Everyone, don’t try to interpret what the word “rework” is supposed to mean. You can use “change”, “rebalance” or any other word that you see more fitting.
Point is, IMO Goliath is the only monster that is balanced on all skill levels. The effectiveness of all the others doesn’t scale well with skill. They need some serious love. And I am asking whether they receive some love after Shear Madness.

EDIT: Removed a sentence that Gorgon needs less love than the others.


She isn’t ok. Vs decent team u have 2 useless skills as Gorgon: Mimic and Spiderling. Acid + Web not enough to kill someone…


Fair enough, though I disagree about Gorgon. Two of her moves (Spider trap and Mimic) are destroyable, which severely cripples her against competent teams, and one of them is both unreliable for the monster player and annoying as fuck for the hunters. I think they both need to be replaced.


Yeah, strike that about Gorgon. She needs love, too. ^^


I am doing my best :slight_smile:


Gorgon variant should have “spider husk”, basically mimic becomes a shell around gorgon, acts like assault shield and still does DOT with contact. Doesnt have to explode when its over.

Spider trap should become spider bombs, they charge very fast at the targeted hunter, attach to them, then explode. Similar to krakken mines.

Web snare should cause no damage but just stick hunters completely in place for 2 seconds.

Acid spit can be more direct damage and no pool, similar to fire breath. DOT last like current web snare dot.