When will the 3rd monster be revealed


I wanna know bcuz the goliath is my favorite i like the concept of the kraken but i would suck with him cuz he is the opposite of my play style. does any1 have any ideas of wat it is or the play style of the new monster pleez leemme know


I assume it either won’t be, or it will be near launch for the final marketing push.

Either way I’m interested as well.


That is logical but im just eager to know and which 1 are you goliath or kraken


My assumption is that it will be saved for PAX prime.

Btw, I’m gonna go ahead and move this to the monsters forum since it’s about the monsters. :smile:


Wait, how can you move this thread? I thought the mods could only do that! :open_mouth:


It says I am a “leader” I guess, I can edit thread titles and move threads. Got this yesterday, not really sure why or if it’s automated or what.

It says you were given leader privileges as well.


Oh yeah I got that too, but I didn’t realise we could do that! That’s pretty neat!


Oh sorry, ya, I’m a fan of Goliath too.

Kraken is very interesting, but I think I’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment by doing well and learning to do well as Goliath.


It’s all good me 2 it’s just I need to be Goliath cuz the hunters have range. But cutting the range with strong damage imput gives an advantage. Kraken just matches their range. That’s wat I think a at least


Verified it’s not gonna leap and it’s not gonna fly. This leaves swinging from the tress, burrowing or porting around the map.


Or swimming


I’m putting my money on burrowing… Because I want to BELIEVE.


Agreed, especially since it used to be something Goliath could do and they said they moved it over to another monster.


I hope it isn’t just hiding under the ground. I want it to be able to move around like at 00:30 here:


Well I’m thinking that is what it’s going to do. If you can find the comments on Goliath’s burrow, it was apparently defensive and all it did was sit there and ended up being pretty useless.

I think the burrow will be the next “traversal” mechanic and it won’t go as far or fast as Kraken’s flying or Goliath’s leap but that it can be used to dodge or ambush easier. It still would be unable to escape the mobile arena as the arena is a sphere but it could be far away and then suddenly explode out of the group in the middle of the hunters. It would be cool if it had the unique ability to do a “knock-back/up” for it’s traversal. TRS is willing to make them pretty unique so perhaps this traversal won’t be quite like leap or fly.


I’ll see if I can find the article, I’m sure it was just an ability that had to be used when not in line of sight of the Hunters


That’s what I recall as well. So they took it off him and reworked it.


Here’s the topic:



If they add in a burrow for a the next monster, I wonder if a tier3 hunter (like the tracker) will have an ability to place like sensors that go into the ground to balance the burrow a little… I think if the monster can burrow and move, that could be pretty a pretty overpowered ability…

Unless you could track it or maybe there would be a visual of like a dust cloud or ground shaking or something… I sure hope this becomes a game play mechanic! :smiley:


But then isn’t that what Griffin’s Sound Spikes are for, really? I mean they can already track the Goliath when it’s on ground and also the Kraken when it’s flying so I’d no doubt imagine they would work on a burrowing creature anyway, the radius is quite large!