When Will Ranked Mode Unlock?


Any idea? Currently even for Level 20 players the system won’t start matching you up. Shouldn’t the mode at least be grayed out or something so were not sitting in queue’s for nothing?


Pretty sure it is open already. People have talked about playing it, but that not many people are queuing for it yet.


Less than 5% of the Population Qualifies so while it is technically open, you won’t have the best matches!


Ok cause I heard it was locked…maybe bad sources.


From 12 hrs ago


Aye, just hit 20 today myself, and I’ve been playing since Stage 2 hit (When I’m not working/sleeping.)

May just be a case of folks just aren’t quite there yet, is all! Give it a week, see how the Queue is then. I’ll be using the time to unlock all these skins I didn’t have before.

Next up; Maneater Maggie Weapons!


I’m a more casual player, but interested in ranked, and I believe I’m level 8 or 9 at the moment. So I’d imagine most people won’t be at level 20 until some time on Monday


I have played quite a bit since release and am level 16. Got a ways to go.