When will micro-transactions be added?


I know this isn’t the main priority for the game atm, but I’m a little irked by it. HEAR ME OUT!

I’m not angry or upset by the fact that the game is now free to play or that it is now just a micro-transaction fiasco, granted I am slightly bothered by the way the perks are. I’ve had the game on console since my friend wanted to play with me, I decided to opt out of the pc version. Now that everyone I know has migrated to the pc I’ll be playing this on pc for a bit.

Now here is why I’m irked. I’m one of those people whom has more money than time on my plate, I would love to just have all the hunters and monster available to me whenever I want so I can just play whatever I feel like for the few games I can play. The fact that it doesn’t have the ability to just buy limits me to some hunters I just don’t care to play. Not including the money grabbing in the game is great for publicity but not for people like me that just wants to play. I wished they would just allow people to purchase the season passes still so I can at least get the hunters I want.

I know about the third party market for keys, but I don’t like using those since they don’t support the devs in the slightest.


Well it was said they are still getting money even now. So for now, no micro-transactions :slight_smile:


From my understanding, the Devs want to:

First: Bolster the Evolve community numbers first.

Second: If F2P looks sustainable, with high enough numbers, then they will add the micro-transactions.

No sense in going full on F2P if the numbers are not there, it’s a lot of time and resources.
But the numbers are looking good for now :slight_smile:


You can still buy Evolve at a local store, and you’ll get founder status.


Confirmed by Tara herself :slight_smile:


This isn’t really about founder status. Hostile above has it spot on, no point using resources to get a micro transaction eco system running if the consumer base isn’t there.

But like the op I have more money than time, so an am looking forward to making up for my lack of hours by hopefully being able to at least buy boosters or something


I literally just did this. I just got back from the lgs. They had one copy left :blush: But no season passes. Does anyone specifically happen to have season 2?


season passes were digital esclusive if i ain’t wrong


Welp, thats unfortunate. Thanks for letting me know.


I bought this Digital Deluxe Edition key from this site (although I’m sure other sites would work, I’m not endorsing that site, shop around) and got founders edition with these characters unlocked:

By my math it’s roughly 120,000 - 150,000 silver keys worth of character unlocks. If you’re in a rush and happy to spend money I highly recommend it.