When will matchmaking be fixed?


Match making is abysmal on the PC. I can’t get into a game lobby from the start, AT ALL. It always puts in a match that’s already started. Not to mention Evacuation, I can never get in on day 1.
And I get my fifth (monster) quite a lot. That seems more due to nobody else wanting to play Monster, cuz if I put one of the trappers in fifth place I never get it.

This terrible match making has caused me to drop the game these last few days, and it’s a real shame cuz I’ve been playing since Alpha and it seemed like it’ll by my game of the year.
Has any of the devs said something regarding this?


PC here and I get fresh matches all the time. Haven’t an Evac in about a week, but I was getting in Day 1 most of the time.


I play games with 4 people in the lobby and I get my 5th choice. If that’s not a bug nothing is.


That usually happens if you are playing with a party of 4. If the 4 of them are in a party, they CAN’T have a monster among them. That means you’re it. We should probably have a party indicator or absolutely no monster switch for when you simply don’t want to play monster.