When will it EVER end?

Really? Just for this?

People these days…


Well…it’s probably more than “just” that… but yea, advice like “just wait to play it” is a bit odd and I gotta say sad. Far too many AA titles are broken to some degree out of the gate the last few years. Shitty state of affairs.

As for lost progress, I feel for those that it’s happened to. I’ve lost leader board placement, but not progress so far (knock on wood).

Why is it we’re so accepting of “just wait to play it until they fix it”? lol…


Do you have a link proving this is true or is this another “rumor” floating around?

Is this a joke? This is a big deal. Considering solo missions are pointless when it is the same as multiplayer. To spend countless hours and days leveling your characters just to get reset to level 1 and having to earn all your stars again makes this game pointless to play… so yeah… refunding the game seems like the only solution until they wake up and fix this asap.

They announced the patch to happen this Friday correct?

UPDATED* 2/22 6:05pm 2 Co-Founder(s) + President/GM + Community Manager of TRS & 2K Sr. Manager on Progress Wipe & NEGATIVE STATS!:

[quote=“MacMan, post:178, topic:34269, full:true”]
Our fix is local. It has to go through testing before it will be released/applied. You’re still at risk of losing progress right now, though people have posted here on the forums about how it happens so if you can avoid those risky situations, you’re much less likely to have a problem.[/quote]


This is great news. Glad to see they mention this as being top priority.

It also states they believe they can restore badges and character masteries…

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Thanks @K2Ezran


Well my number was just called. Level 38 back down to 1…

Did it happen on a console or PC?

Sorry to hear that. I hope the fix comes sooner rather than later and you can have some worry-free fun with your progress restored.

I will say that this game was heavily tested with several larger scale alphas and betas. It is unfortunate that many AAA titles seem to have buggy releases without testing, but the Evolve team really did what they could to prevent that for this game. Something happened between beta and release that is causing some strange issues, and I would say with much confidence that the devs are likely as annoyed with those as we are. Fixes coming soon, stay strong and try to play for the fun of it for now.

Console xbox 1

Yeah, so far it seems like only Xboners have encountered this issue.

Guess it be better we deal with this rather than PC gamers who deal with the jet pack hackers :smile:

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It isn’t that bad. The hacks are ridiculous yes, but they don’t matter when the hackers suck so much I can Stage 1 wipe them. With triple Fire Breath, a move I hate, and latency issues.

Hackers can hack, but they still suck.

I’ve been playing alot of evolve (at least 2-4 hours everyday at the minimum ) and i have yet to see a hacker its strange that im hearing it become a problem also PC MASTER RACE :wink:

As already said, patch is en route. I expect it to hit very soon, and the progression might even come back… Here’s hoping it won’t ever happen again.

I wonder what the patch will do to my ps4 version, hope they fix the wraith stuck in place bug, or falling through floor, or the attacks vanishing for monsters, or the glitch where you spawn as a civilian that glitch blows lol.

I see someone linked the post to you already proving that this is not a mere rumor. Hopefully the fix is live before much longer.

You say just for this, but this is a huge issue that readers the game essentially unplayable and we’re 2 weeks in now. So after 2 weeks of being unable to play I see no reason people shouldn’t be returning the game.

I’m waiting for a patch myself, but patience is wearing out, and I realize it’s in the hands of ms right now