When will I be emailed my code for the Big Alpha (if I get in)?


Hey guys,

So I just had a really brief question. If I do, by some miracle, get into this Big Alpha, when will I be emailed my code? I’ve been patiently waiting, and with the release of the Alpha less than a week away, I just had to get some answers.

Thank you!


Somewhere before the 30th so expect it around the 28th-29th.


Is this officially? Or what you think is going to happen.


First part is what they said, second part is what i think (if you get accepted ofcourse).


Alright, well thanks for the response.


Thanks for answering that so fast! For more info on the alpha, check out the alpha FAQ thread here: https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/big-alpha-faq/18597?u=takran

I’ll close the thread for now - we’ve had this question in quite a few discussions