When will Evolve go free-2-play?

With player numbers dropping, the lack of diversity, content, maps and game-modes why don´t Evolve go free-2-play? On average there is from 1200-1800 players active players on Steam, which cannot be deemed a success? I love the game but I´m kinda done with it. The friends I had playing it have stopped and from the current state of the game at the moment I cannot get myself to recommend buying it to anybody. I don´t really know about sales but my guess is that it has almost stopped.

I think you should let the game go free-2-play, give all your original DLC content you the users who pre-ordered and supported the game. Make some proper skins for the Hunters, not gun skins but actual Player Model skin. Small things like this would probably get your game back into the top100 games on steam. I wont lie, the game is great, just lacks players, game-modes and skins.

Question is, are Turtle Rock Studios and 2K considering this move? I sure hope so, because unfortunately, to me the game is dead on PC.


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