When will Buckets U.A.V get fixed.....?


Since there’s a Bucket skin challenge this w/end, it’s reminded me that the U.A.V is very annoying to use because it sometimes takes about 10secs for it to move as it get’s stuck for some reason.

Also when you press up or down for the U.A.V it’s very unresponsive,i’m suprised no one mentions this that much, i guess Hank and Sunny are played the most for support so it might have been overlooked but dam i hate using the U.A.V sometimes on Bucket.

Also sometimes the monsters footprints say of the behemouth don’t show for an entire game and don’t say well it was sneaking,what for a whole game lol?

Anyway those are my thoughts on Bucket’s glitches that i want rectified


Nevar will it be fixed! ^.^


i have never gfound a bug for the UAV. maybe its more isolates event.


Yeeeeah, the only problem I have with him is the wonky unresponsive controls for the UAV.


The uav is the bug :wink:


Wait… a skin!!! :smiley:


It kind of annoys me, but the clunkiness also sort of goes along with Bucket. He is “one buggered up metal man” after all.


I mention it all the time - but those aren’t glitches, they made it difficult to control because it’s a flying head. It’s locked to a pretty low elevation, it gets stuck or plays bumper cars with the environment, then by the time you put a (very short-lived) tag on the Monster - which probably took twice as long as it should have because even when the Monster is dead-on within the camera it doesn’t count sometimes - it’s on there long enough for your team to find it, maybe your Trapper can get a dome, but it’s a shorthanded dome because then you need to travel whatever the length of the map to catch up - often upwards of 100m. Something needs to be done to make UAV less of a liability, because it can be really useful with an Abe or Griffin, but no one bothers.

What happens to me when I play Bucket in fast paced level 40 matches is: I use UAV when we have tracks but not the creature, and by the time I’m marking it I start seeing pings and realize it was all entirely unnecessary and now I’m a football field away from the team. If UAV could see the tracks of a sneaking Monster THAT would be an advantage worth the effort, maybe.

Then his turrets have amazing damage potential, but they’re squishy as all hell and only attack targets on the same elevation, which means they’re just something for Kraken to lol at as he easily destroys them with a couple shock globe melee attacks from the stratosphere.

If UAV picked up sneaking tracks, your body went into “Idle” AI follow mode, and turrets could target a flying Kraken, Bucket would get picked a little more often.


I guess it could be ment to be clunky but i think it’s a bug,otherwise it would say in the pre game tip’s that Buckets U.A.V is hard to use but there’s no lore on it so i say it’s a bug.


It would be better if the turrets could fire 360 degrees in any direction, oh well maybe in a few patches from now we might get that.


if it’s ment to be like that at least make the tracking tag last long i mean long otherwise it’s not worth trying to find him because as i’m using it i’m pulling my hair out with the clunkyness of it.


This I agree with. I don’t mind the clunkiness of the UAV, but I think the tag should last longer than say Abe’s dart gun or Val’s tranq or whatever. Maybe it does, but it sure doesn’t seem like it. You risk your safety by abandoning your body, it takes much longer to find and scan a monster and the tag doesn’t last for anytime at all. That just doesn’t seem right.