When will Bob and new maps be available?


That’s it, anyone has information about that?
I know Behemoth is being balanced and still for buyers only, but is it coming soon?
I noticed there were so many -cool- maps on the first stage of the game. Will we get them back and updated too?


It’s unlocked for people who log in for 28 days in September, so expect it to be released before September 28th!


There is no ETA for bob or new maps but yes Bob is returning and the old maps are being reworked but its going to take a while to polish them off to the same degree they have done the 4 current maps. I believe it was said Fusion plant is next but Dam is also currently being worked on. :smiley:

You can see whats going on through the trello board:


okie dokie. Thanks guys, these all sound good!
Damn, I don’t see new maps on that trello board, so I guess they won’t be coming soon. Bummer… I think I’ve already memorized the 4 we have. Well, better late than never, and better a well polished work than a rushed one =D


Map revision is on the tello board but unknown if they are talking about one of the old legacy maps or the current ones. I don’t believe they put everything on there but its in the works and I am sure will be worth the wait!