When will behemoth return?


Hey guys, I understand this is most likely a repost of a topic thats already been discussed but I couldn’t find anything. if anyone knows about it could they simply just link me to it?
Anyways I read somewhere that behemoth was removed because of some bug that happened when people tried unlocking him. That really upsets me because I have Rocky on the xbox one but he’s the only monster I’m missing on the pc, and he was my favorite hahahaha. anyways, any word on when we can expect him back for purchase in the store? :smiley:


Behemoth was not removed. Where did you hear this?


He means disabled from being bought.


Ah, that makes more sense.

Anyways, you’d have to tag someone who would know. Maybe a wizard? @GentlemanSquirl


They said “until he has been balanced”, so I don’t think they have a date in mind right now. But I don’t know.


It’s not balance, it’s cleaning up his abilities so they don’t fizzle.

As for a date, I don’t know. DJ is working on it now.


What exactly do you mean by fizzle, though? Is that a visual bug or something else?


No, the ability fires and then fails to do anything.


Ah, alright. Thank you for the response.