When will Behemoth DLC be available for purchase?


Hello TRS,

Just wanted to check and see when the Behemoth DLC would be available for purchase on the Steam Store. Currently I know you can only get it through the Monster Race edition or pre-order. Are there plans to sell it on the Steam Store soon by itself?

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Probably tomorrow… hard to say though since the dlc dropped a day early.


Thank you sir.


Apparently if you’re on PC you can find him in the in-game store, but someone said that link isn’t working yet. Might be worth trying though?


I checked the Steam Store page at http://store.steampowered.com/app/273350/ but it currently isn’t listed under the “Downloadable Content For This Game” section. That is okay though, I can wait til tomorrow on the official release. Just wanted to check. Thanks for the help.


I can confirm that the in-game purchase links do not work yet on the PC version (they lead to the steam store homepage).


Okay. Sounds like the link “works” but the page just isn’t up yet. Steam annoyingly redirects dead links like that to their homepage instead of giving some even remotely helpful error message. haha