When will an update stop this game from crashing?


Since I’ve got the game it’s been plagued by crashing. The worst scenarios is when me and my friends are playing hunt and it crashes all of us and we lose points add an L to our record and have to wait to play our next game. When is this going to be fixed I’ve never had a game crash this much ever.


The game has had crashing issues since launch.

Although I will say that I think EMET’s respawn beacon when Reviving a full team will cause the game to crash. Had that happen once while grinding his ass.

They’ve fixed a few crashing issues but I guess not all of them.

If anything the Devs would probably want to know what Console you’re on.


Xbox 1 and it instantly crashes sometimes just starting the game and just randomly at times and I already said it’s always ceashed but the fact that it’s still a big issue is a big issue of its own


that hasn’t happened to me yet


Well the Emet beacon only happened like once out of the hundredish times I’ve used it.

Evolve has crashed on me a few times when starting up a custom game or quitting a Custom game or even in between rounds when farming for crap.

I still remember my first crash on the release night of Evolve and I was Kraken about ready murder Val and win the game and then poof “Well it looks like it’s time for bed.”

Edit: I’m also SeXbox Juan.


Hmm…I haven’t had the game crash in months. XB1 as well.


ill friend you


I just want to point out, that on Xbox it’s very frequently happening when the Behemoth pops up on the intro screen before every game, and usually on Hunt 2.0 also.