When till kill vs incapacitate?


So your a stage 3 Goliath and you are heading into the final battle. What is the process?

Clear mines and traps as you head in with flame breath.
Find the medic, smash his face down.
Find the dog, smash his face down.
Find support, smash his face down, jump on him till he is dead.
Find the remaining and pew pew down?

I often find that if I kill someone and the team doesn’t suck, then they will stay alive long enough for the rest of the team to respawn, by this time the countdown timer is on 2 minutes till end of game and I have half health and no shields… so its GG for me… =(


Kill list in order:
1st Support if its hank otherwise the medic
2nd Medic if hank was present otherwise support
3rd trapper
4th assault

Be sure to engage hunters at least by stage 2 full armor to try and earn a couple of strikes then run away.


But when do you kill vs incapacitate?

Also how does the respawn mechanic work? It seems to me that if you actually kill someone, then the respawn timer for the entire team is based off that first kill, i.e.

You kill the support at 18:00 minutes in whilst stage 3 at the base.
You kill the medic at 18:30.
You kill the trapper at 19:00.
You run around like a chicken trying to find the last guy but fail.
20:00 all hunters respawn and pew pew your face and you lose.

Well that’s pretty much my normal experience anyway.


When a hunter dies it starts a 2 minute timer when they can drop back in. If other hunters die during this time (you can see the timer in the corner of screen) then they too will spawn back in when the dropship arrives. It sounds like you only engaging the hunters at stage 3 when they are still at full strength with no strikes. Now typically when you down a hunter you will want to camp their body until they die if your at stage 3. Be sure to kill Laz first (or hank first then laz immediately afterward). Use the power relay to force the game to your favor. If the last hunter has run away immediately attack the power relay to force them out of hiding. If they don’t come running soon then you will win the match by destroying the relay. As soon as the last huner shows himself and you have enough time before the next dropship then attack them with everything you have to win the match.


How long does it take to down the relay? I’ve gotten it down to half health once using the tactic you mentioned, but they all spawned before I could finish it.

Also do you have to repeatedly hit right trigger or can you hold attack to destroy it quickly?

Thanks for the responses, you just confirmed what I suspected. So there is a timing issue here. Ideally you want the hunters to have 2 strikes against them before stage 3?

Also one more mechanic question. If you have a hunter down to two strikes then you kill them. If they come back are they on 2 strikes still or does it reset?


They will still have 2 strikes after coming back from the dropship


I’d recommend stacking up the strikes at stage 1 or 2 fights, but if you couldn’t… Go for the incaps. Incap a few, get some armor, and return. When all Hunters have a strike or two… Finish it.