When the hunters break off into pairs of two


and 5 seconds later


Interestingly, I tend to break off quite a bit from the team in an attempt to cut off the monster and have never yet been stomped.

Granted, against a decent monster I imagine it wouldn’t end well for me, but so far it hasn’t been the case. Hell, yesterday as Val I noticed the team were following tracks around a large rock formation, so I instead cut across to the most likely exit, probably 150-180 meters from my team mates. Ended up sneaking up on the Goliath, who obviously wasnt using smell. Pinged him for my teammates, got up high and began tranquing. Team show up, drop dome, game on.

Not looking forward to the inevitable sneak pounce at some point though


Sneak pounce does very little against Assaults since they can activate their personal shield to delay until teammates arrive. The other 3 hunters should be wary about going out alone, and should either stick in pairs or stick together in a 1-3 split.


assault+medic and support+trapper

theres no way that u will kill an assault with a medic behind him or that u can down the medic fast eought while the assault is spamming dmg into u.

well and support+trapper are just gonne cloak

oh and yeah if they split up to far then its a different thing


If I notice that they are attempting a split up tactic I pull them to parts of the map where they’re forced to get separated or lose a ton of ground. An example of this is the cave system in Weather Control Tower. If I start making noise in the caves and you start coming in RIP.


And that’s why we take cabot lol headshots through walls.


This, I was playing Goliath last night and the team insisted on cutting me off, first the Caira went rambo with adrenaline boost, I had increased smell range so I could see everything around me and I saw her just begging for some company so I pounded her face in gave her a strike and continued feeding, couple minutes later it was the Abe who was darting everything and just wouldn’t leave, got into a fight with a mega mouth I came to help, by the end of the match on rendering plant the medic and trapper had 2 strikes. T’was an easy win… Gotta love the MAST strategy


well those are the idiots ^^


Splitting is high risk mid reward, but I do it plenty, as all classes, it very rarely backfires on me. I’ve avoided many bad situations by saving enough jet pack fuel to fly over the head of the monster as it pounces, not foolproof, but very consistent and effective.


I wouldn’t call them idiots but more overly-eager, they chase me and I give them the shake so they try to keep up with me in the wrong direction but Abe is trying to dart everything and thinks he’s safe and stays behind because The monster ran off :wink:. only to be greeted by a face pummel.