When the casuals are gone


… Evolve will flurish. Dont get me wrong, causuals are good for most games. Just not this one, I’m not saying elites and pros only either. Just think about this, every game. Everyone would have a mic. Every game. Everyone knew how to play their roles. Their characters. No more raging at causual bob for reviving assult with Laz right behind him.

No more raging because 3 stage 1 domes were landed but causual assult is soloing the tyrants and slowbills 200 meters away while never using his jet pack. Games will be good and thrive on evolving strats. Then you will praise xmass sales and secretely hate every single noob for not knowing that black ball is an evolving monster or that sound spikes cant be 5 meters apart. That daisy sniffing means the monster is crouched nearby.

Then most of them will be gone and we are happy again for a month then the spring sales arrive…


Mic’s don’t make a pro. ^.-


B-but… B-but I’m a casual! D:


I honestly got so confused because I was thinking “Wtf is Behemoth doing reviving hunters” then I realized and I feel dumb ._.



punch punch punch

Edit: @sledgepainter please produce a behemoth in a nurse outfit performing CPR


I know but it helps to coordinate with pro’s.


I couldn’t imagine mouth to mouth from him ;~;
So much drool


I’m forever scarred


tbh people are probably overstating the importance of mic. Its cool and helps and all but you can still do quite well without it.


Lets just say a bad player without a mic is not fun to play with. Is that better?


You’re daydreaming. XD


Lol a bad player with a mic is worse because then he can blame everyone else


:frowning: let me dream…

My poor dreams, smashed by @Quirkly the dreamsmasher

Gosh… scoff meanie


I know, I’m a horrible person ^.-
look on the bright side tho ^.^


I… had a dream?


Which means you were thinking, which means your brain is functioning, which means you’re alive, WHICH IS AWESOME
I should be a motivational speaker, hot damn


Lol, maybe. I’ll still be happy with less bad players in pubs. To be fair you should motivate bads into gud’s before making it into a profession


i put in 215 hours and i havnt touched the game in like 3-4 weeks, it got boring, i found myself only playing hunters because playing monster is nearly impossible with all the premade groups and mics, my record as monster is good but i dont want to deal with this frustration, i want to have fun. even when i play hunters i find myself just sighing repeatedly until i close it and stare into blank space because i find that more amusing, this game will never flourish on pc because of the mass negative review that is well deserved and the mass abandonment that was also well deserved, the game is insanely fun at times but its so situational that every time i start the game i have to take a second thought “is it worth the 50/50 chance?” and the answer is just always no, i spend to much time trying to have fun and not enough having fun.

inb4 forum goers break in my house and take me out after my posts


Mics are extremely important to strategy based games. Co-op done right usually requires a mic for a team to be much more effective.


I’ve played with bad players with Mics. I’ve been able to assist them with playing whatever role they’re playing. I’m ways willing to help someone get better. Even when I started to play online there were things I didn’t know. I had a guy show me a few little tricks that helped me a lot. So Mics have helped me aid others and allowed me to aid others as well.