When should I take off my rose tinted evolve themed glasses?


I love evolve. It’s by far my favourite game and I’ve gone severely out of my way to get my friends to play it. Some loved it and some hated it but as of late spending an hour some times to try and get a game and arguing with friends to just give it a bit longer…I cant help but think, am I flogging a dead horse? I get riled at the twitter posts of “people still play this game” and “this games dead” as it clearly isn’t! But tonight after I tried desperately to convince my friends to play I thought…
Is it me?
Am I just overly obsessed with this game to the point of denial?
Does anyone else have this problem?
Is it just me on some rant which is on a road to no where!?
Will i ever get the game of evolve i crave with my friends in under 10 minutes?
Are these my feet?
Anyway I don’t know… just food for thought I suppose x


Yes.[quote=“junglemanlloyd, post:1, topic:85161”]
Is it me?

Yes.[quote=“junglemanlloyd, post:1, topic:85161”]
Will i ever get the game of evolve i crave with my friends in under 10 minutes?

Probably not anymore.


Man. I thought you really had a pair of those glasses to show off. What a bummer.


Here is the problem in my opinion and sometimes I find my self in the same boat. Just like you and a lot of people on these forums have been dealt a bad card where a game we love is loved so little by the general public because of what went on at release which I really can’t be bothered to go in to since it can’t be changed and that is all in the past.

The best you can do is stay positive and hope for the future because many things could happen that may help Evolves situation so those games you crave in under 10 minutes can become possible. For instance we have a lot of promising content to be revealed/released and although it may sound a way off I think simple things like cross platforming or just slowly building up the community will really help the game.

I like you and most on these forums want whats best and I think it will come round sooner or later.


I find matches (hunt2.0) very fast with my friends. When we dont find a match we just restart our games, and then we suddenly have an easier time in matchmaking. We usually restart the game 3 times a night- its frustrating and stupid but totes mcgoats worth it.


Same problem here son! XD i got 1 friend to like the game as much as i do…only 1 problem…he doesn’t have a ps4 like i do and he doesn’t have the money to buy one xD sucks!
All other ppl i show the game think it looks cool and all but aren’t as enthousiastic as i am…
Its too bad :worried:


I feel the pain! I have a few friends who I’d wait all day to play with and then we spend the next hour or two completing two quick matches and waiting the rest of the time. Then they’d get bored or have to leave, and I’d be like “Nooo, just a little longer…”

I finally convinced them to do Quick Play over Ranked to get more matches. Sadly, we don’t like playing monster but we dealt with it. Now they’ve been on break the past few weeks, and I feel really alone in wanting to put up with the wait times to play the game I really enjoy.

I’ve found it doesn’t hurt to play other games to occupy my time, or play a few pug matches in Quick Play to temporarily sate my Evolve appetite for the day. I just wish I could get my friends on the same road I’m on with the game - enjoying it no matter the state, and hopeful it’ll have more life breathed into it again.


I got a phone call just last night from one of my friends asking me “what’s up with your game dude?! its like no one plays it. What are they going to do to get us back?”

My friends all come to me because they know how obsessed with Evolve I am. I get burned out having to defend it and just don’t understand why people look at it so negatively.

I don’t think we are wearing rose colored glasses as fans of Evolve though. That would imply that our view of the game is skewed. I personally blame the community and critics. Even just hearing the really dumb things my own friends say about the game confirms this for me. One friend asked what TRS was going to add to the game because they wanted more content. I told them to try out all the new adaptations and they said no that is stupid that they would add more characters for free. Um, you were just complaining about wanting more content and now are complaining that they are giving away adaptations for free.


People like to complain just to complain. The thing is, despite the 100 people playing Evolve right now on PC, I am still able to play with people through Quickplay. In fact, I have befriended every single person I encounter while playing that I have my own little community so I could just ask someone and join in without waiting.


no[quote=“junglemanlloyd, post:1, topic:85161”]
Am I just overly obsessed with this game to the point of denial?

yes[quote=“junglemanlloyd, post:1, topic:85161”]
Is it just me on some rant which is on a road to no where!?

no where?! where!![quote=“junglemanlloyd, post:1, topic:85161”]
Will i ever get the game of evolve i crave with my friends in under 10 minutes?


They’ve been heavily hinting Title Update 9.0 will try to bring players back


Evolve is like one of those painting that looks like a bunch of paint splattered onto some paper. Most dont see anything beauty in it, most dont see anything new, most dont use their imagination. Its viewed as trash…

But then theirs us. We take all those colors, all those streaks of paints, and that mesh of paint, and make it beautiful. That garbage any 2 year old could make is truly a masterpiece, most are just too stubborn to overlook its one flaw (marketing)…

To answer your question simply, no, keep those tinted glasses of yours ON, and please, dont listen to your friends, listen to yourself. If you still love the game, then you’ll support it. And who could leave this community. Everyone is awesome!


Personally, I’m hoping the “legal issue” is a technical relaunch or re-advertising of the game for the public by 2K, hopefully done right and planned properly.

Of course, that’s likely not it, but my rose-tinted glasses would love it to be.


That’s a brilliant analogy lol


As brilliant as the pre-nerf Mininuke damage numbers…


After mulling these answers over I decided "Lloyd, you’re being melodramatic, get back on the horse and remember why you love the game. My friends were online and we all hopped on and found a game in about 2 minutes. “Thank the heavens!” we said.
5 minutes into the game the monster decided to leave causing the game to crash. Upon restarting it took 40 minutes to find a game at which point everyone gave up and left to play rocket league “easier to get a game” they said “we can have 10 games before we’ve even started one game of evolve” they said “Posh spice shouldn’t of even been in the spice girls as she never added anything to it” they said!


Are you on Steam? Also, do you and your friends try Hunt 2.0 pr Quickplay?



Xbox one and we mainly do hunt to be honest!


Most people nowadays play Quickplay. Since you already have some friends, the matchmaking will go much faster. Not only that, if the game doesn’t find anyone after, let’s say 2 minutes, you start with a bot that (over time) will get replaced by another player when it has found one.

I also suggest befriending anyone you meet. When you and your friend want to play Hunt 2.0, invite someone who is a Monster player and doesn’t mind fighting against your team.

As you can see, there are still many unexplored ways to play.