When it's the end of June and we don't even have a Micropatch (& TU9/X / Summer Update) || Share a GIF || WARNING FEELS!


:warning: this is me breaking down :warning:

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When it’s the end of June and we don’t even have a Micropatch

Whenever I hear the word Soon followed by When it’s the end of June and we don’t even have a Micropatch

Me when I’m getting all upset and angsty because of it.


then after a break down, I try to pull myself together.

I do stuff and everything I do keeps reminding me of Evolve.

So I just cry myself to sleep at night, until then…

So I can continue the cycle all over again.


@Hillbilly_Deathlord your presence is required


Yeah, to be honest, I’m SERIOUSLY dissapointed that it isn’t released already. I will be in utter shock and dismay if it isn’t released by the end of the month. That’s ridiculous.



You guys all realize, I hope, that the release date and any information concerning it is completely out of TRS hands.


How come?

Didn’t someone say they HOPED that it would be released in a month beginning with J?

In which case, it could be as late as late July?

(or January next year - plz no D: )


Correct, June or July. :thumbsup:


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Well Summer is in January if you’re in the southern atmosphere. For all we know it might be then. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ll have to ask Takran.


I’d hope not. If we’re now relying on 2K to program these video games themselves, I don’t think I’m gonna like playing Evolve anymore =/


I’d played something else too, but it’ll be so sad to stop playing Evolve after two years. :frowning:
Hopefully that won’t be the case.


Also in case people have missed it, the micropatch was canned so as to ensure that all efforts were going to TU9 and the speediest possible release date.

Edit: Also Tara confirmed on her stream that they have somewhat (as much as you can) locked in a release date, though they’re not providing updates on that. It would appear so far that we’re very much still on target for a June or July (most likely July) release as has always been the case.





I was referring to release date information, not the development.



Nah i’m not really upset, and I’m glad they didn’t bother with a micropatch. Considering everything is riding on TU9 anyway, why bother? I have faith they know what they are doing better than we do. Their release date it likely set, and they are making final preparations for re-release undoubtedly. I don’t think maintaining their admittedly low playerbase is as essential as this relaunch. It really is a relaunch in everything but name perhaps. If it doesn’t work out than it’s RIP anyway. Might as well give it your all in one last push instead of pretending everything is okay until the game is a set of bleached bones in the sun. I have faith in the devs, and I know i’ll be drying my sweaty palms on my human scalp collection while i’m watching the Evolve update download, whether it’s tomorrow or next month or when the dang four horsemen come riding. I’ll still play.


No, a Dev stated that it WOULD be in a Summer month that began with J. It just seems pretty ridiculous to me that they don’t already have this out, or aren’t planning on releasing it this month. The game is dying faster than ever. We need this more than ever, and you’d THINK they’d be capable of getting it out to us ASAP. It’s just… Stupid. That’s what it really is. It’s completely idiotic. They’ve already confirmed that they are done with practically EVERYTHING they wanted. Why couldn’t they push it out this month? It doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.