When is the Technical Test exactly?


I may be going crazy here, but some of the people on my friends list are playing the “Evolve Technical Test”. If I’m not indeed crazy, then can someone explain to me what’s going on?


It’s another name for the beta.


I know that. But the beta isn’t until next weekend. How are they playing it?


Perhaps they got the press early access?


Maybe, but two of them? And both people I met on the forum. They must be giving out more of those than I thought.


There is a possible technical test that may or may not be happening right now for 1 or more systems that is almost entirely under NDA.


How are people getting into these early access builds? I’ve seen streamers with only 5 viewers and they get access to the game. I feel anyone is elegible if we just asked lol.


Just sent messages to those involved, asking about it. I expect I won’t get a response, but I really want to know how they got those copies. Did they have to ask or did they just receive them for having an evolve channel?

Lol, I like how it tells me I can join but then it can’t find the product on the PS store.


I have videos on my YT for Evolve and I streamed all from the Big Alpha but I wasn’t invited either. Oh well :slight_smile:


There it is, right there on Twitch. Someone I’ve never heard of before (and I watch Twitch a lot) playing Evolve. When can I play TRS? JK :smiley_cat:

I know, I watched your videos. They were pretty good too, better than GhostRobo’s anyway, and he got a copy. I wish there was some indicator of how they picked who to give copies to.


I’m with you guys…watching squirls stream right now and sent him an IM thru stream to see what the hell was going on. Told me it was for twitch streamers and youtubers. But how did they get invited? Kinda sucks because there are guys streaming evolve right now that are not twitch partners.

Oh well, guess i have to wait till next week.


The guy says it’s a closed 1 day beta. Shoot me if I’ve ever heard of a 1 day beta a week before the actual beta. Eh, I can wait the week. More people on then to burn to a crisp <:D


People will never learn what an NDA is.


They won’t if someone doesn’t explain. What is NDA exactly?


It stands for Non Disclosure Act. It basically means you aren’t supposed to talk about Fight Club.


2K were pretty happy to hear from streamers that wanted to get early access to help promote the game, I’m assuming that’s how a lot of them got their hands on it early. I assume that as long as you had some kind of threshold of followers/subscribers that you could get that access. They were putting an email address up in chat on stream last night for anyone who wanted to chat to them about it.


wish i knew about this…


Simple fix, invent a time machine, go back and get more twitch followers and email 2k. Easy!


I’ll call the Doctor.


That reference needed to happen.