When is the T4 Hunters Reveal?


When do thy finally reveal some information about the T4 Hunters???!!? I m so excited :DDD
Want to know the new abilities :smiley:


Well the Assault has a personal shield.
The Trapper has a dome.
The Support has an AoE Cloak
The Medic has an aoe heal.


That is brilliant

Also, the Trapper has a bird and they all have guns


True true :slight_smile:


Haha wow didnt know that :stuck_out_tongue:


Y is every thing in this thread smudged out?


I had to change my glasses one time.


You troll. @xBUCKETx You and MaddCow just keep trolling us. :wink: thought they actually revealed them. Then I thought TrollCow had some actual info on them.

Trolls everywhere…


I can’t wait to see behemouth in action


The same reason the dinosaurs are extinct.

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Somebody spilled a drink


I had the same thought, lol. Fortunately us regulars can edit titles ^.^

Fixed it to something a little less trollish =P


We can?! How?


I must learn this! Also, question Rose, why do you get a Regular tag and I don’t? ;-;


I haven’t the foggiest.


Can we like, give ourselves tags? Because I’m down for that. I can see it now…

Kraken Rights Activist


You put ** at the start and the end.


I really hope one of them has a bow or a crossbow, I mean PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TRS!


In 2 months and now go play unlock stuff.


Thanks Rose.