When is the next monster coming out?! Dlc and Evolve's fanbase


Evolves fan base has been dropping lately because of the high priced dlc and lack of dlc. When I first got Evolve which was around the time the behemoth came out I was able to find a game almost instantly now I can’t find one as fast and if I do there is only one person in the lobby. If Evolve wants to get popular it needs more content fast, a price drop, and a NEW monster and hunters. I cannot afford $15 for one monster and $7.50 for one character is a rip off unless its sunny. To summarize Evolve needs more dlc and a price drop on the dlc.

  1. The DLC price for Monsters and Hunters is priced in such a way that it will pay for the work that goes into developing and balancing the DLC.

  2. Paid DLC is purely optional and not needed to play/enjoy the game, it’s just extra that helps TRS pay the bills and pleases the fanbase.

  3. A new Monster and more Hunters are on the way and if I had to guess we can probably expect to see them sometime during the summer or fall with a teaser just around the corner. These things take time.




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Entirely subjective isn’t it? If a lot of people are saying that they don’t feel that there’s enough content to keep them interested, our answer should not be “you’re wrong.” Ironically, if we just brush off the opinions of potential fans then we’re helping to choke the life out of the game.


I didn’t mean to say that anyone’s opinion is wrong, and I apologize if I came off that way. I’m just trying to say that content is on the way so demanding that we get more is just pointless since we already are, just not necessarily tomorrow.

The last thing this game needs is to pull an Assassin’s Creed and release half-assed content just to get it out the door.


I dont wanna offend ya but keep this up and youl end up the same way as DLS


Believe me, I want more Tiers and skins as much as the next gamer, but we might as well enjoy what we already got while we wait for the next batch/batches to be finalized and released for purchase.


Not exactly. His point is 100% correct; you need not a scrap of DLC to play or enjoy the game at its core. New hunters and Monsters? Dress em up and give them a new voice all you want, they are nothing more than glorified Weapon Packs. Outside of that, we have skins. And if someone tries to tell me they can’t enjoy the game w/o being a Bubblegum Pink Goliath, then I’d say they aren’t enjoying the game for the game :stuck_out_tongue:



You’re not removing yourself from subjectivity here, you’re engaging in it. And even if I were to accept the premise, that the game is indeed enjoyable as it is, the question becomes for how long? For how long would 3 monsters really be enough and how many extra people are enjoying the game now that they have found a new monster or a new hunter that fit their idea of fun? I know people who have discarded the game as there simply wasn’t enough variety in terms of characters, maps and modes to keep them interested. I know of people who stopped playing or won’t buy because they don’t want to spend double the amount on DLC that would keep the game fresh.

I’m not saying I’m one of those, I’m loving the game, but I’m interested in my continued enjoyment which is why the numbers are quite problematic. I’m not pretending to understand the economy of it all and I don’t know what goes on behind the closed doors of 2K head-quarters (like everyone else around here) but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to recognize that there’s something wrong when such a quality core game goes by relatively unnoticed except for bad publicity in terms of DLC prices and marketing. And if anybody is interested in luring in new players then they need to take their opinions seriously.


I’m not saying you’re wrong. Shoot, I feel that we should have a teaser already for at least one of the Tier 5, if not an entire Tier. The same could be said for game modes, like “we are currently working on “blank” stay tuned for details.” But I have my suspisons that 2K is the one mostly responsible for there not being any official word on DLC aside from “we’re working on it.” All opinions aside, TRS is working on new stuff and we need to see some teasers to please a majority of the fanbase, which in turn could, not would, COULD bring in more numbers to help sell more copies and encourage the skeptical to keep this product in their collection.



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I’m expecting SOMETHING by the end of the week or on tuesday. Just a hunch.


DownLikSyndrome. We don’t talk about him much. He’s banned for over 200 years.


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Lmao. I used to play quake 3 arena, all day everyday. Talk about lack of variety and such. But I enjoyed the game. Now when it comes to games and gamers, they have to have something new and shiny every week. They need levels and exp points. It’s just a sad development of where games are headed.


I rarely experience games with only one other person. There might be one at the start but there will be more by the end. A couple might drop out during the game but hey, that’s just lag issues. I never wait more than a minute to get into a game. Idk what you’re on about