When is the new patch coming for Behemoth?


Just curious when the new patch is coming he is a little to easy to play as.

What needs a Nerf in my opinion

  • Constant traversal spam attack
  • Lava Bomb is so good its unreal go 3 lava bomb stage 1 with damage perk gg
  • Crow gun slows behemoth while he is rolling but no one else does even Abe is this on purpose?
  • Weak point is to exposed even when he is just sitting there his extra Armour and health don’t really compensate for that why make a monster with alot of health and Armour but make him the most squishy?

What needs a Buff in my opinion

  • tongue grab easy to JetPack away from and doesn’t do enough damage or pull them to you
  • the cast time of the abilities are to long
  • Rock wall simply doesn’t work sometimes
  • Takes way to much damage in roll form is this intended?
  • kinda hard to tell which way he went from the rolling fire tracks


the crow part shouldnt be intended from what i understand. its a bug or something like that


Thanks i thought so