When is that anti-cheat coming?


Okay, seriously, fuck it with this game and cheaters.

I play 6-7 games against a premade team as monster(Wraith/Behemoth/Goliath), lose half win half, I think they’re really good, except that their Slim seems to hit a headshot with every bullet and that one time Sunny, Slim and Abe managed to take off 3 bars of my health(on Behemoth) in 5 seconds. I say fuck it, probably was all 2x due to Behemoth’s bug.

And last game, Fusion Plant, I’m playing Goliath, they’re Slim, Sunny, Abe, Torvald. A tense game where no one has the upper hand until the mid game where they down me to about 1/6 of a health bar( thanks to Slim’s bullshit grenades and Torvald/Sunny explosion spam in a jungle where you can’t see shit of as a monster without smell as your screen is trying to give you an epileptic attack with all the flashing, but I manage to get the Tyrant buff and escape, just barely. And things take a turn and soon Slim and Abe are dead, and I incapacitate both Sunny and Torvald and wonder how come I didn’t win? Well, dropship is coming. Okay, I leave Sunny and Torvald to bleed out and rush towards the dropship as it was some 100m away. As soon as Abe and Slim drop, I killed Slim with a FB/RT combo in less than 5 seconds(he just managed to hit the ground before going incap), and Abe tries to rush to where Torvald was(he should’ve bled out by now, was on 1/3 incap health when I left him to bleed.

I run after Abe and catch up to him with 2 leaps. And lo and behold, there’s Torvald coming from the direction where he was bleeding out to meet up with Abe. I manage to kill both Torvald and Abe and win the fight in the end, but seriously already, fuck it with this game’s lack of anti-cheat. It’s like half of the teams I considered highly skilled are just fucking cheating in a smart way where it’s too hard to tell.

So when are we getting some fucking anti-cheat already?

Pardon the language, I’m pissed right now because when I think I finally found a good team that challenges me at such extent in matchmaking, it turns out to just be fucking cheaters.


You must be extremely unlucky. After all of my hours, I’ve still not met 1 person using cheats.


There have been anti-cheat measures put into place with the last patch. I would submit a ticket to 2K support.


I didn’t record it, I had absolutely no reason to suspect cheating from previous games and I don’t usually record as recordings fill up my HDD too fast, so I can’t show it. I was told there’s a way to see replays of games when you have the Hunter’s Quest app, is this true, and if it is, how does it work?


You would have to download the app, and link up with my2K to replay matches. However, last I heard folks were saying the app replays have been a bit fiddly since T4 and behemoth came rolling in, so not sure this will help but it’s worth a shot. Once you get into the app you have a chance to review your previous Evolve matches.


Will I be able to review all my games or just the ones I play after I link up the app with my my2k acc? Also, can I view them on my PC or only on my smartphone?


So I’m gonna point this out because no one else has.

I’m willing to bet my soul on it that the second you left the corpses to the drop ship, Torvald popped his personal shield and stalled for another 10 seconds. Buying him
More than enough Time for Abe to run out there and get him up.

Moral of the story, finish your food.


No. As I said, the dropship was 100 or so meters away. I managed to get under it just as Slim and Abe dropped. I killed Slim almost instantly and ran after Abe. I saw him the whole time, he got only about 2/3 of the way to Torvald, and when I got to Abe, Torvald was already up.


Well, the last replay I have available is from 4th of April at 3:13, but nothing from this evening. Does it take a while for them to become available? Also, can I view them on my PC instead of on my phone?


I am not sure if you can view them from your PC unless you have the app installed on your PC. Also, you should be able to review the battles instantly right after the fighting ends…give it a day and see if it refreshes or something but if your last matches it shows are from April 4th, i don’t have a lot of hope there sadly.


Well April 4th 3:33 was about 22 hours ago. Just no matches since then are available. Can I get the app on my PC too?


I don’t know what I was thinking…that was yesterday lol. Give it until tomorrow and maybe it will show up. I have heard some people can get the app on their PCs if they have windows 8.1.


Is it possible that Torvald popped shield and slim threw his drone which revived torvald?
While still in the air, it’s probably quite doable if it’d reach that far.


You can’t say that here or someone might accuse you of being naive and stupid, but for what it’s worth I’ve seen one or two ever. One was an infinite jetpack cheater and another might have been a no cooldown Goliath, but I’m not too sure. I honestly didn’t think about it until after the fact.


the cheater ive reported at least 6 weeks ago with video, steam IDs has still no ban… so your advise is just useless.


No, Slim went down about 15-30 seconds before I attacked Torvald. Slim got incapped on top of a pillar and died, after which I focused Torvald at first, but then I noticed Sunny on about 1/3 health, incapped her, and then incapped Torvald as he was about 1/2 health and had no shield. After that I wondered how come I didn’t win, hit Torvald a few more time with a melee attack and then noticed a dropship slowing down and getting ready to drop the hunters and I charged towards it. It took me about 5 seconds to get there(2 leaps + a bit of running), 5 seconds to incap Slim and additional 5 seconds to catch up to Abe(2 leaps + a bit of running). The Tyrant buff had expired for me before that point, and the hunters took it about a minute before me so it had to have expired for Torvald too and it couldn’t have bugged and healed him while incapped.


Stuff like this is of course possible, but it is more likely that people are being smarter about cheating.


Yeah, that’s the problem with smart cheaters. You don’t actually suspect anything as they conceal their cheating. Only cheaters people usually recognize and all agree are cheating are those that are obvious, such as infinite jetpack, no CD ability spam etc. If someone, lets say, used the no CD perk and only used abilities 3-4 seconds faster than they’d usually cool down, or if they had their healing/damage increased by 50%, no way anyone could be 100% sure they’re cheating.


Slim’s bug has unlimited range and needs no line of sight. I would guess he dropped it the instant he could, probably while your fire was hitting him. That gets up Torvald, and decides the game.


Or… did slim fire his bug on the drop down. That thing has pretty much unlimited range AND can bring someone back from incap even if he himself died.