When is Slim's Tier 2 spore cloud mastery getting fixed?


20 seconds continuous for spore gun is ridiculous. I have everyone else elited through normal play and I can’t even get the one star on Slim I don’t want to cheese it.



Do you mean Tier 2?
Tier 1 is hit the monster 50 times


Lol, the 3 stars is worse and what you have to do in the second star is put 2 spore cloud together and wait, do this on defend when the AI monster is destroying the turrets, in 3 stars… get a friend.


Yeah, sorry, Tier 2. Mistyped. Stil, the requirement is ridiculous. No monster will stand in it, AI or otherwise, for 20 seconds unless it’s a friend.


Yep, it reallly sucks, I usually got a point by pure luck, it’ll prolly be toned down soon


I too want to know why did they make most of tier 3 hunters and monster’s progress so insane and time consuming compare to the other hunters, I mean, 350 direct hits with sunny? or 175 airborne tongue grabs?


Like I said, go on defend with AI, put 2 spore clouds in the turrets and wait till the monster begins to destroy them


It’s bugged, no pun intended( God you have to say that every time) I had a monster give up and just stand there, hit him with nothing but spore cloud for almost a minute straight, 20 sec spore cloud still said zero In The after game stats


That’s painful…


You cannot spam the spore cloud, if you do, it will just reset to 1 second again, he needs to be inside a spore cloud 20 seconds, 1 spore cloud last 15 seconds, so you need to combine 2 spore clouds in the same place, creating one big spore cloud and then it will count.


At least that’s how I made it.


That is really dumb if I hit a still monster with 50 spore clouds and he never moves that should still count


The real trick is to let the effect wear off completely after the 20 secs has passed.

So spam for a good 30 secs to be sure then let it wear off. Rinse and repeat.


It’s going to be fixed when you finally get it. :smiley: