When is ps4 getting a patch to fix bugs? we don't want micro ones all the time


All i hear is micro ones being released on balance, i want bug fixes,crashes, frame drops etc to be fixed not stupid balance changes that keep changing all the fregging time when people think somethings are OP.

We were promised a console patch this week no? well where is it? i’m so glad Witcher 3 is soon approaching,then i don’t have to constantly write on these forums…


Consoles were only promised a micropatch this week, to my knowledge. There is an upcoming title update for consoles that will include all the bugfixes and code fixes that PC has been getting over time. No idea on the timeframe though.


point exactly they don’t tell anyone on the main updates,i don’t care for micro patches they don’t fix nothing.


Because they don’t know. I’ve answered this several times. Once a Title Patch is approved by TRS it goes through certification. At that point there is literally nothing they can do until both Sony and Microsoft approve it. Sony and Microsoft don’t share any information related to their certification process until it is done.


yes but how long has it been in certification…? seems like forever.


Likely has only gone this week, or hasn’t even gone yet. They’re still making code fixes for bugs on PC that I expect will also be in the title update.


just hope when ever it come’s it doesn’t do what it did last time on ps4 (created new bugs) i also hope it has a lot of fixes in it,like matchmaking is painfully slow on console,laz not being able to revive some players, character model bugs in selection screen,there’s loads of issue’s but i don’t think they will all be fixed sadly whenever the TU comes,oh well i have other games :stuck_out_tongue:


The patches for consoles are currently undergoing certification. Any time you modify game binaries, MS and Sony require it passes certification tests.

The following is my understanding of what certification testing means. I might be mistaken.

TRS submits the patch, MS/Sony farm out certification to third party testing companies, and the testers certify the patch is acceptable. These testers are NOT performing QA. They are not looking for bugs like the Fissue crash or Hunters on the roof of Rendering Plant.

They’re simply verifying the game complies with all the XBL/PSN interoperability guidelines, does not include a malicious payload, and has not made the title unacceptably unstable on a wide variety of hardware revisions. For example, a launch PS4 has slightly different hardware than recently manufactored PS4. While the difference shouldn’t matter, sometimes it does.

The turn around on cert testing is… Considerable. A patch may be submitted, but it’s up tp MS/Sony to schedule the certification. In the event that certification tests fail, for example, the game now crashes when you try to load a friends list with 300 people, the bug is written up, testing continues for another day or two to look for more bugs, and the developer is now finally informed that they did not pass cert. They’re given the bugs that caused them to fail, and free to resubmit a revised patch.

There’s a buttload of bureaucracy for consoles since they’re walled gardens that MS and Sony have erected to maintain absolute control over what code you are allowed to execute on hardware you purchased.

Also, if you choose to release a game on XBone or PS4, you’re forced to sign a gag order. You cannot discuss ANYTHING about the certification/patch process, how much it costs, anything. You are allowed to say NOTHING. That’s why TRS hasn’t been able to give you status updates. They’d be violating the gag order and the developers (NOT just the company) would be forever blacklisted from ever signing an agreement with MS/Sony ever again. Career suicide.

Related note, this kinda crap is why I hate consoles. I’d sooner become an indie PC developer than a AAA console developer given these absurdly heavy handed rules.

Reverse Dome

Maybe, but I just had yet another game freeze with the behemoth fissure, that’s after 10 minutes of trying to play what I want to play. The OP is right–witcher 3 is right around the corner and I think it might just spell the death of this game for me. Well, it was fun while it lasted.


Same happened to me with wraith i went to abduct someone and froze mid air,they had a easy win I just quit,evolve has too many problems In it and will be forgotten about soon.


Learn something everyday thanks for the info,yeah pc has it good on that front but I’ve never been drawn to PC gaming don’t know why maybe because when I’m on PC I feel like I shouldn’t be gaming lol