When is Defend going to be balanced?


Just curious I mean it’s obviously the most imbalanced game mode in the game and has been since the start.
All the Hunters have to do is keep rushing the monster and chip away at it. They never truly die even if they go down and they get all their strikes back.


Might never happen. They haven’t they care much about the modes other than hunt.


Pick Kraken + cooldown reduction. Don’t forget to get armor once in a while and don’t take Aftershock as a skill. GG

Take Goliath, put 1 point in charge max (or ignore the skill) and 3 points in Rock Throw. Kill the turrets first from a distance, kill the last one with Leap Smash when your minions go in. Make sure to kill at least two hunters at all times. Kill the other two when the ship has landed so the spawn timer go’s up for the next drop. Hince and repeat. GG

Wraith… Hardest monster for defend, too little health to actually do anything. Turrets need to go first, Warp blast in, only use Supernova against players, not against the turrets. Warp Blast + max Decoy works as well, decoy does insane amount of damage but is not reliable to target lock a turret on command. When playing wraith, same strategy as Goliath, kill two, leave medic (not laz) and trapper alive. Kill them when the drop ship is coming in. Drop the Assault en Support right after for 2 minutes of peace and silence. Let the minions take the blows, not you. Maybe GG.

Behemoth… Don’t even try yet, he is way to weak atm. No endurance for defend, no real use for wall either. If you do, best offensive move is: Lava bomb the ground in front of you, tongue grab a player who cannot get a shield. Fissure him right after. <- This is a 3 ability chain that cannot be interrupted and kills ANY player without a shield. Sometimes the Lava bombs drop unlucky, 1 good melee hit is enough then. Play like you are supporting your minions if you drop any of the other skills for wall. Fissure works quite well too :slight_smile:


You forgot to mention abduct can do direct generator damage while still conferring damage resistance for wraith. I’ve actually had 100% win ratio on defend with her since patch 2.0. Plays more like a puzzle then a match though. Do thing in the right order for each map and it’s for the most part just you vs generator thanks to wraiths wiley ways. Hunters only factor in when you make an error and she’s slippery enough for most defend maps. Desert one doesn’t have any cover so kinda scared to run her there. That jungle one though she’s damn untouchable, just the perfect layout. 3 warp, 3 abduct, 3 decoy, speed perk. Only monster who can simply pretend there are no hunters to bypass the strike thing. Crow hurts snipe Kraken a lot I find if he reliably headshots and took damage perk.