When is Crow's Stasis Charged 100%


So with Crow’s Stasis Gun, I can hear that is is charged, but after its 100% charged, it has an extra sound too it… I am not sure if it is like a bonus time or something. You can even see the side of the gun and there is like a bar signalling its 100% charged but the extra sound at the end makes me feel like there is something else…


There’s no extra effect. Just purely cosmetic.


Just an aftersound. It’s charged when it hits 100%. There’s nothing else after that charge. Think of it as a reminder to tell you that the stasis is ready.


ah ok, It sounds pretty cool though…


Yeah it does!


Little easter egg. When you charge it for a full minute it’ll shoot a blue glowing cupcake instead of the normal charged shot.

[size=6]lol no it doesn’t. Would be funny tho[/size]


I thought it was one and a half minutes?


Stuff like that would be interesting. ^.-


Same. I would constantly charge it until the secondary cosmetic sound ended until a little while ago.


Yeah, the charging functionality is implemented in a really weird way IMO, with the charging sound being a bit confusing and the inability to aim/unaim(?) while charging. Doesn’t make me like crow any less, though :smiley_cat:


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