When is behemoth going to be released?


Just was wondering if it was confirmed yet or if anyone has any speculation. Thanks and happy hunting.


No confirmation, they said spring. My guess is mid to late March/Early April.


I think I saw one of the devs say they want to get a couple patches out there before releasing behemoth. I can’t wait for it to get here!


They said on a livestream sometime in the spring


Aww so we will not be seeing the big fella any time this week? :frowning: . Well I can imagine developing such a beast has its times . Is anyone else praying for a behemoth geode skin?


The original projection was about a month after release. If that stays on schedule, then at least two - two and a half more weeks (or mid-March). The only thing MacMan has said was “soon”. Having said that, I also recall them saying they wanted to get one or two patches out for balance/game issues before he was released. So more than likely late March - April.


@MacMan I know you said you aren’t in the marketing department but surely you have some idea


spring is march 20th - may i think