When I updated the game, I stopped earn EXP and I'm still on one and the same level (Resolved)



When I saw that there is a new update for the game Evolve Stage 2 immediately I started to collect. (2016-07-13). I was excited. I turned on the game and everything was as before. When I clicked on my profile immediately I noticed a difference. I lost points EXP (still had the same level)

Now I’m STUCK (!!!) at level 20. Please help.

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Well never mind :wink:


This is not a bug, this is intended. Just keep playing and it will fix itself


I was playing 4 h and nothing!


The devs updated the amount of xp needed to level up. What you’re seeing now is your profile trying (and failing) to catch up to that amount. Just be patient and it will sort itself out




This should actually be fixed now. When you gain experience next it should bump your experience up to the required experience for your current level.


:smiley: its working now THANK YOU