When I see wraith, i f***ing burn her f***ing face off with my f***ing flamethrower


I just wanted to make this thread because everyone is just making negative threads about wraith so I decided to make a positive thread about wraith. I have no worries about wraith, I usually kill her most of the time.
Btw the title is a line fom Hyde when he is talking to Cabot, except there was no mentioning of wraith.

Mod Edit: Title…had to mate, but I giggled too!


This guy knows where it’s at :smile:


it was just a decoy


I f***ing needed to see this f***ing thread first f***ing thing in the f***ing morning, and it f***ing made me f***ing laugh. (Hyde is a bad influence)

Really though, thanks for that post! :laughing: I’m glad to see people actually learning to put some hurt on the wraith. You know what’s up. :wink:


Hyde and abe are some serious cursers. I love it.


Was in a party with a load of German players who loved my Hyde impressions. think he has my fave dialogue


Oh, also. Griff is a beast vs Wraith too. harpoon gun one of the most under rated and under utilized skills out there.


one critical error here. There is no “i’” in team :smiley:


Ever drag a monster around with the harpoon gun? Best feeling in the world.


I’ll be honest my FIRST time as the Hunter WHen I got the game, they made me go up against a wraith and that thing stomped me so bad! But I found out it can’t do shit once a tranquilizer dart is in it lol. Ever since it’s rare one will get to stage three!


AAgreed I could feel the “tension” that person playing goliath had lol. Our arena jus came down and we went to jump and I got him


It’s ok @SledgePainter, forgot how to put that stuff in :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: