When I see horrible CGI in Crappy Movies



Hahaha, what movie are you talking about specifically? :stuck_out_tongue:


Like that Warcraft movie? Because that looks terrible.


Warcraft CGI looks god awful… So does Arso in that new Russian superhero movie. The CGI for his bear form is pretty bad.


Really? I thought it looks pretty bad ass. :open_mouth:


It looks really cheezy. If it was a video game it would be fine but as a movie it is not working.


I guess we’ll have to wait til it comes out. I thought the CGI looked awesome, they put a lot of emotion into Durotans face. Personally I’m super stoked to see it, but to each his own.


Now the CGI for Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War looks awful… I was baffled by how cartoony it looked.


Yeah Spuddermon has always suffered from that. I don’t know why he in particular is so bad to animate but clearly something is wrong.


I think there are a few things happening, but critically - thinking beyond the technical difficulty in achieving truly good CGI currently - is that his movement is very unnatural for a human body and how fundamentally disconnected from the laws of gravity he becomes when he’s moving about (when landing, pouncing etc.). He’s simply too graceful; fitting for his character in a fictional setting, but nevertheless our brain is always going to find something ‘weird’ here, no matter how finely crafted the CGI may be.

TL;DR, if his knees & lower back started giving away, we may buy into it.

Another good example is Legolas in ‘The Hobbit’ (pt. 3) when he’s prancing away on the bricks as they’re falling away. The CGI direction in those movies was notoriously excessive and detached (with the exception of Gollum and Smaug), but even still this stood out as not one of the finest moments of the attempt to bring Tolkien’s world to film (both the CGI & direction).


Is this imgur now or something?

Edit: and really? People think the cgi in Warcraft looks bad?

THIS looks bad?? Compared to what. I hate gratuitous use of cgi as much as the next guy and almost always prefer practical effects wh hen viable. But I’d be hard pressed I say any COMPLETED footage that looked “bad”.


You want some bad CGI?

Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEReFju7st4


See I agree, I think the CGI in Warcraft looks fucking bad ass!!! I can’t wait to see it, I was nervous about the CGI at first, but when I saw how awesome the orcs look, I was so stoked. The CGI doesn’t look bad to me at all, they look very fluid and show tons of emotion. I think it’s awesome


That was painful to watch. :joy:


You can have fluid motions and emotional faces and still have bad CGI. They look like cartoons in what is being portrayed as a live action film.


Idk, I don’t think they look cartoony at all. They look very life-like to me.


That’s some great CGI!.. If it was a late PlayStation video game cutscene.


It looks super cartoony to me. Makes me think of Shrek. Shrek was great but that was also what they were going for.


I… Guess?


Its like a more detailed Shrek! Plus all the movement in the scenes looks weird as hell.