When I see a Golden Monster




I think ima start putting my gold skin on because of this XD


I ONLY play using Gold Monsters :wink:


I’ll use cosmetic skin, and if i destroy them, I switch to tiger skin. If I destroy them again stage 1, I switch to gold skin and destroy the power relay. Usually by then they all quit.


so does that means there is a gold behemoth we have not gotten yet :smiley:


Nah, magma skin is where it’s at


@xKrsKorpion @shin @midnightroses @quirkly


Yes there is a Gold Behemoth. Currently this is a TRS only skin.


Always gettin dragged all over the place.
I need a vacation…
I like my savage skins more, those make me feel like a real badass ;p


Albino, next time you summon me I want a sacrifice. Like a goat or something.

@MajorLeeHyper Is it planned to stay that way or are you going to sell them, give them out, etc?


No idea, and not my call.


But you can…influence them, right? :smiley:


Because being rolled over by a giant Gold Nugget would be awesome! I’m for this! :smiley:


I vote we never sell the gold skins. ^.^
I like collecting stuff like that. :smile:


speaking of “collecting” i really enjoy the Elite Behemoth skin :slight_smile:

i got it before the incoming mastery rebalance : D so i can say i genuinely wasted my time on that ridiculous amount of tongue grabs.


When can the community get it


See above :smile:


You have to unlock it with 9000+ swags


Elite skins for the win.


HAHAHAHA - when the sun is falling on earth all hunters are dead --> Behemoth Goldskin.

i remember the gold skin challenge and those pictures were more awesome than the skins themselve - they dont look that special in game.

But you bright light lika christmas tree i swear.