When I realize what tomorrow is






Can’t wait to take Bob and Lady W for a spin on these maps, its gonne be awesomeeee :heart_eyes:




I don’t use broken characters ^.-


Don’t be so happy. I’ve grown tired of the new maps. HATE!


Sometimes I forget that…
I hardly play monster anymore


You can’t stop this hype train :wink:


I’m an odd case, all I play is medic and Monster…either killing hunters or keeping them alive…logic…


I’m mainly medic.
Pubs put me through shit, shit I won’t go through again



Thats why I use Caira, complete idiotproof ^.^
I can even keep Mr Rambo assault alive -.-


I’m a better slim. and sometimes laz


Use Markov and place all 5 mines behind a wooden door and lead the monster to it. I have won a lot doing this strategy. It works the best against Behemoth.


Noted for future use


Is it possible let for us to play these maps early in solo mode?
We need time to look around and m find the best ways to confuse the newbies.


The contract with microsoft says 30 days.


Just a heads up guys, the maps are… rough. Xbox 1 player and I routinely see the new maps skipped because of the way they are designed. They are cool to look at and add variety but as far as gameplay goes they have some challenges.

Foundry is extremely small. To put it into easy to understand terms, you can cover almost every inch of the map with griffins sound spikes. This makes evolving a challenge, not impossible but more challenging against a good hunter team.

Mine has similar issues to aviary in that it has clear choke points in every section of the map. Also, maggie becomes invaluable on this map because most of it is in caves and if a monster is good at sneaking it can take awhile to find it because almost no birds will spawn.

This is just one mans opinion of the maps. Please don’t rage on me. I am just trying to … I guess lower expectations because I don’t want to see a million “these new maps suck” or “new maps are so hunter favored” threads.


Thanks for constructive criticism
Don’t mistake this thread as an overhype thread for each hype I take some salt :wink: