When I play as Laz I can't revive

So I noticed when I play Laz I can’t revive a dead hunter. This happens when a body is moved like tounge grab or when it falls off a cliff. Is it just me or what? Cuz honestly its been happening a lot and it costs me a few games.
PS. I play on ps4…

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same. 75% of games as laz theres at least one time where im attempting to use the laz device on a body that i can use it on and it doesnt even charge


Huh idk that’s weird, @Brian_Paul what’s your thoughts?

This has happened to me before, and it’s a result of ping being below average. Move around a bit-- it happens with normal revives and monster eating too.

this has happened since day 1, they haven’t fixed it, thanks TRS!!!

Lol it never allows you to revive them.

Yeah it’s been happening since the game launched,just yesterday i went to revive a fallen team mate who had died in a plant and it wouldn’t allow me to revive him and so the other 2 team mates thought i was trolling as they kept shooting me,really pissed me off because i couldn’t do anything! :disappointed_relieved:

@nicemoreoften, thats not the case if you spend 45 seconds litterally on top of the body and moving around trying to charge your device and never does. after about 100 games with laz recently with this happening most of the time, its why i only play caira now.

This kind of stuff never happens to me. The only thing I can suggest is going idke and coming back, that seems to fix most problems in the game.