When hunters whine post match about Aftershock

I just can’t agree with the combat part. I think Kraken is way better then Goliath, and Wraith in combat. I think wraith is annoying not OP my premade can roll over any wraith almost, but Krakens give us the most trouble. Not really saying I think kraken is OP other then I think AS is annoying. I am just saying he is one of the better monsters, and I think he always has been.

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Aftershock is so weird, it went from being the most unpopular ability due to it being so easy to just walk out of when kraken popped it up. But then they buffed it or at least changed how traversing work when using ability and just like that it became the highest reward lowest skill requirement ability in the game.

LS needs some radius or speed changes its hilarious so easy to dodge now, when we play aftershock kraken we don’t even bother dodging aftershock nowadays because it is unavoidable unless Jack is on the team. It’s better to safe fuel for other abilities like lightning strike out Vortex.

No one should even be using kraken anyway. Easy wins are not good wins. Kraken is easily the most OP monster out there and that is by pretty much unanimous decision. You deserve whatever happens to you as kraken


more than 70% of 230+ voters agreed Kraken was Over Powered may be they were a bit salty facing AS that’s all…

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I use Kraken and I have to say he is not easy, LS is too dodgeable, Vortex is bad and traversals have been needed.

He didn’t deserve it, but he did feed the flames that probably made the three of them salty.

@Skemo_Gamer how come I’ve never seen this poll before

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your kind of regular I’m surprised you missed this :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably didn’t look it up because I’ve been avoiding Shredder after his elitist skit.

I swear this forums is starting to feel like some sick clone of Mean Girls. XD


its 8 with di

and its 6 with cdr

and cdr atm seems to be the best kraken perk


You should have just picked kraken again. Play the monster you want to play and the way you want to play

The only thing annoying about aftershock is that kraken can descend quickly, but when moving all other directions he is slow. That’s the only thing I care about. Needs to be corrected.


its really interesting that the hunter players whine so much about the AS and frankly im getting quite sick of it so let me tell you hunter fanboys something you think AS is op if so you really should play as the monster more because from monster players prospective some of the hunter abilities are much more op than AS like lazarus reviving dead hunters , jacks super op tracking lasers and his annoying beam , and the damage amplifier on lennox . so my point here is that stop complaining its much more annoying dealing with these abilities than dealing with the AS.


I don’t mind AS anymore.
I just mind Kraken as a whole.
#####Those who have seen “ToiletWraith’s Toilet Mouth” will know.


I suggest not making such a generalized aggressive post that is based around opinion to counter opinion as it will only lead to an argument.

Be more constructive with your post please :wink:

good point but you know why I’m so aggressive about this because kraken is my fav monster and i dont want my kraken to be nerfed like wraith .

Wraith’s only current issue is her traversal bug.
She’s strong, otherwise.

dont say that like you dont remember how badass wraith was before the new update

No man, she’s stronger than pre hunt 2.0
Wraiths pre hunt 2.0 were practically forced to play 3 Warp 3 Abduct- meaning she’d have to get to stage 2 ASAP. If you didnt get to do that because of hold the dome strats, you were ultimately boned.
Kraken and Goliath were the gods last patch, and now it’s Bob and Wraith, shortly followed by Kraken, imo.

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And that is the only reason why I’m not playing Wraith until it’s fixed, to me that is a huge bug that can win or lose you a match :frowning:

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I’ve been forced to go full HAM with Wraith… I wanted to see how viable my skywraith would be. D:

yeah your right i love wraith too im just a bit overprotective over ma boy kraken i want him to stay as he is.