When hunters split into two teams, what pairings work best?


I’ve noticed a lot of monsters like to hug the perimeter of the map, and I think if the players have a general idea of the direction the monster headed they could split into teams of two and head to opposite sides of the perimeter and perform a pincer movement to find it more quickly. I’m wondering what everybody thinks about the general strategy, as well as which class or character pairings would work best?

I was thinking Assault/Medic and Trapper/Support, because these pairings seem to provide the most balanced damage output (although it would depend on which characters were being used).

Not sure about what character combinations would work best for this, but thinking Markov/Caira and Griffin/Bucket. Markov can lay down mines along one side of the perimeter while Bucket and Griffin set sentries and sensors along the other side. If the monster is headed towards Bucket/Griffin then Caira’s speed boost would allow her and Markov to reach them quickly. If the monster is headed towards Markov/Caira as long as she’s healing Markov and he’s drawing the aggro they should be able to take it’s health down considerably while Bucket/Griffin make their way over.

Thoughts? Flaws in the plan? Counter-strategies?


i like medic trapper better. Abe caira combo


Assault and Medic chase the monster and Support and Trapper cut the monster off.


Assault and medic should be able to survive until the sup and trapper arrive if they catch the monster or the monster turns back.

Trapper and support roll together so they can cloak and catch the monster off guard as well as cloak when they drop the dome to survive until assault and medic catch up.


Trapper / Support means that the trapper can be cloaked when he domes, which is really good. Trapper / Val / Caira means that the trapper will have an easier time of catching up to the monster to dome him, but at the cost of no cloak.


I agree 100%. This is the strategy my team uses and it works wonders, even against the Wraith.


Yea I think it’s a solid strategy. Usually the one in the most danger with this strategy is the Medic as she’s the only one who is really exposed if the monster turns on her (because Laz can just cloak as well).


True but most Monster players don’t turn around early game, which is where this tactic really works the best.


Exactly! They look back, see two hunters (especially the assault) and are like “oh shit” keep running and hit the trapper and support lol.

Strong tactic for sure.


Yup. It gets messy when you try it against a skilled Stage Two - these guys just go against Medic and drop him/her low just enough, then allow the dome to come down, kill the Medic and just shit on everyone else.


Definitely have to be careful when ever you spilt because you never know if the monster is getting ready to capitalize on it. I think Val is the worst one to split with because she doesn’t have a great escape if the monster decides he wants the medic dead and support and trapper are no where near.



I think the best ones to split with are Cabot and Caira. Pounced? Nope. Attacking Medic? Also nope.


I like this even better. Didn’t think about the cloak/arena combo, but that’d be a great way to take the monster by surprise.


Just be aware that map awareness is key for the strategy to work properly.


If you can save the cloak before trapping that’s obviosuly ideal but you don’t want to blow the cut either so cloak up if you’re unsure.


In general the idea is to have the Medic/Assault, a pair the monster should be relatively afraid to fight, putting pressure on the monster and calling out his location and direction.

Meanwhile Trapper/Support block off the monster’s movement options and look for an opportunity to dome. Many monsters are starting to turn tail any time they get a glimpse of a trapper, but support can use his cloak to let the trapper get a dome, and help him survive in the dome while they wait for the assault/medic team to enter.

That said, there are times when having the “right” split takes more time than you have and you’ll need to adapt to what you’ve got.


according to TRS, it should be

medic + assault

trapper + support