When exactly will Gorgon and the next TU drop?- NOW(well sorta, finicky)


3rd of November yes but what time? Midnight, 12PM, etc?

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Gorgon Cometh There she is! (Blitz Markov and Rogue Val is in here too)
Does anyone know what time the update and gorgon come out
What time will Gorgon be released?

A time zone would be helpful as well.
USA have a thousand and one time zones.


I just assume PST, they always use that one.


Maybe same time as the last TU?


When was that again?


I don’t remember (._.)

I’ll try searching for it >.<


If I remember Behemoth correctly.
They’ll might release Gorgon Midnight the 2th November.


The last TU (Meteor Goliath one) was around 4-5pm BST for me on the release date.


I think we’re in the same time zone. For us it’s usually about 10am -11am

I should say at least for Xbox One


It tends to be around 12 PM PT for PC and PS4. XBoxOne is supposed to go at the same time, but has lagged behind in the past, so I’d say between 12-3 for that one

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When the Gorgon Patch will go live?

Thanks for letting us know!!


so about 2central then huh?

sounds good. i should be able to get online right around then if plans work out.

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So 9pm for me here in Italy then


You may be right,Behemoth was released on march 30th and not 31st… We might get her tomorrow,just a guess :3


4 time zones


Nine, actually:

Atlantic Time Zone
Eastern Time Zone
Central Time Zone
Mountain Time Zone
Pacific Time Zone
Alaska Time Zone
Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone
Samoa Time Zone
Chamorro Time Zone

Yes, they are all used.


Wait, is this Midnight of Monday that it’s released (ready for Tuesday 00:01), or midnight on Tuesday (ready for Wednesday 00:01)?


midday, 12pm is midday


Ooh - my bad. Thanks for clarifying :smiley:

Sadly, with my poor internet, that’ll mean I won’t be able to test it out till Wednesday :’(


Main land has 4