When droping out of dropship there is a glare and the glare stays on throughout the match

i did not have caira i had rouge val

This looks like a texture issue. Something might be corrupted. Have you verified the cache yet?

how would you verifie the cache?

Have you changed any of the Video Options for the game?
I’ve seen someone have a similar issue but it was caused by I believe the model detail setting? I can’t remember exactly.

I tried that but the glare is still there

The best help I can give is to go through this self-help guide the mods and a few devs put together and see if anything there helps.

I’ll look through the forums and see if anyone else had this issue fixed, but I know I’ve seen other topics with people having the same problem.

i will check that out thx

I have went through the forum you linked and tried multiple solutions however it did not fix my problem.

Adjusting settings worked forward this member.

What are you PC specs by chance? Do you have a GTX 970?

Yes I do have a gtx 970

Hello! We are currently trying to pinpoint the issue. Can you list out or post a screenshot of your Evolve advanced video settings please?

Not sure if it makes a difference, but every post with this issue I’ve seen they have a 970 GPU.

Ah yes, we caught on to that and our IT is attempting to track down someone with that video card. Our engine programmers are pretty sure it’s not a video card problem tho (and they’d know best!), but we’re hitting some dead ends.

The brightness occurs every game? Does it matter which hunters are in the match?

No it does not matter which hunters are in the match. However when i am the monster there is no brightness it only happens when i drop out of the dropship which i find odd and it happens throughout the whole match every match

Can I get a screenshot of your advanced video graphic settings please from in the game?

We have a feeling it might be the new shield that appears right when you get off the dropship; does this fit the timeline of when you first started getting the issue?

Here is my settings and i am trying to also get a videio showing whats happening. And this has been happening before the new shield appearing

Ah, I guess that rules out one theory… :confused: Do you still get the issues if these settings are changed?

Yes i have tried changing the settings but it does no good (im trying to get a video but im new to the video recording software so its taking me awhile to figure it out)

Can we get a copy of your dxdiag please?