When does the PS really outline a monster?


So i read in a thread that someone said it’ll be outlined if they are not sneaking but in a screenshot the monster was outlined even in sneak position. So my question is, how does it really work?

The thread was : '‘PS(Planet Scanner) is killing Monster’s sneaking, manipulates boring and monotonous gameplay’'
if you wanna read for yourselves


when you are the trapper you get the outline. Why would you need another thread for this? It´s perfectly clear there.


You dont always get the outline as a trapper and the screenshot showed that even when they sneak you sometimes see them, so it looks pretty random to me


i always get it. you should post a screenshot where it not is outlined when it should be and file it under bugs.


It might just be when its really far away making it hard to see or notice maybe?


i have to agree with goobi… some times i dont see the outlines tooo…even when monster is not sneaking and is close by…

i have settings all in ultra… is it a cheat or a glitch? or a bug? ill save some of those next time… it does happen often for me…


If you’re not seeing the outline he’s probably just so far away that it’s too small to make out, or you’re missing it amongst other outlines, or something like that. Planet Scanner outlines the monster 100% of the time for Trapper.


then i definitely have to record my next event when that happens… monster is pretty near by i still dont see him… i just ignore it as for my play its not that important… usually we dome the monster just fine with or without outline


I confirmed that PS sometimes dont show outline as trapper.

need more test about it to see if its a bug.


Yes, there’s a bug where the outline doesn’t always show up, and the Monster being sneaking or not doesn’t matter. I believe it has something to do with the previous match played, but I can’t know for sure.

In the game mechanics, Monsters should always be outlined.


Up. Sometimes monster outlines don’t show up, for whatever reason. It happens randomly tho.


If a monster is sneaking and you use PS, it won’t show the outline. If i remember that correctly…