When does the patch come out for xb1?


Searched the forums, couldn’t find an answer


Which patch? Balance Patch? Balance Patch comes on the 31st for all platforms


I assume thats the patch where wraith gets a nerf. Are there more patches than that?


Yes it is the one nerfing Wraith, as well as releasing the new hunters and Behemoth


Awesome! Thanks


No problem :smile:


Will it sort out having to wait 20+ mins to load a game?


That sounds like more of a problem on your end, not the games


This actually happens often. Searching with 2 friends. Spend 10-15 minutes searching and then we all quit the game and relaunch it and find a game in a 2-3 minutes. 3 different people with 3 different connections and the only fix being to quit the game. I am pretty sure it is a server issue or something.


Question, are you on Xbone, PS4 or PC?


XB1 my good sir!


Yeah ive heard a lot about people struggling with parties on Xbone.


I’m on xbox, NAT open, good connection, disk not damaged, patches downloaded, installed/reinstalled. All advice followed by those at 2K support until finally said to watch there twitter account…


Solo or with a team?


I’m on mi own sadly. It also takes the same time to load a offline game


Thats unusual. Do you know anyone else that has a similar problem?


A lot have the same online problem but not met anyone with the offline trouble too


Well whatever it is, im sure TRS is working on it and itll be fixed soon enough


On Xbox 1 as well and searching for games in a party of 4 can take forever… I don’t have any problems setting up a game in solo mode though so that is unusual that you would have to wait for just your game to load for so long, online it just seems like its hard to find people and then they usually quit as monster and we are back to waiting, I really prefer playing customs taking turns being monster, the games are more intense and challenging playing both sides that way too


What you need to do is press b and go back to where it says solo a
Multiplayer and let it load the server and the parties again, it’s how you fix search pattern to find people