When does the dlc launch 2morrow?


When does dlc launch 2morrow ? UK time ?


The DLC launched today, friend!


2day :open_mouth: ?


Though, if you’re on X1, there have been issues with Behemoth and T4 not unlocking.


I cri evertim,
But really it’s kind of depressing knowing when I go home, Ill only be faced with the disappointment of locked characters


Well, they have the new maps, so I guess its fair ?


Xbox 1 FTW :smile:


“Fair” isn’t the word I would use.


even, then
10 dank memes


No, this is an unintended issue with the DLC. The exclusivity of the maps was a deal struck between two businesses.


Apparently the dlc was’nt supposed to be played, some xbox support guy told it apparently

wtf is going on


That is indeed odd. I’m sure it will be sorted out though.


yes, “Fair” is a bit of bad word choice -_-