When does Behemoth take the pole position in the PC Monster Race?


According to my e-mail I should have the PC Monster Race edition of the game, and while I’ve got the new Hunters Behemoth is barred, only to be freed by purchase. I remember some of the skins that were available from launch time mysteriously vanished some days after I bought them but they returned by them selves eventualy, perhaps this problem is caused by the same shenanigans and goings on. Does anyone know of some cunning way to persuade the game to geev me my Rolling Rocker?


PC Monster Race doesn’t and never included Behemoth as part of its package. Pre-ordering the game did. You had to pre-order the PC Monster Race to unlock the Behemoth.


Ah, thanks for clearing it out for me. I had botched some “research” I did a couple of hours ago, it seems. You can’t fix stupid. BUT now I can purchase Behemoth in calmed mind, knowing I’m not… buying him twice as it where. Thanks again for telling me and putting up with my bumbling.