When does behemoth get to Australia


Just want to know cause I’m just trying to master the characters now and get achievements.


Likely the same time he comes everywhere else. Then again maybe not since it’s Australia. No release date mentioned yet.


Fat chance, Australian wildlife…I’m not sure if even the mighty behemoth could survive there :o


Hopefully they release it in the same way they did the actual game, in which case we would get it earlier than most


Them koalas are always watching… The people might think that behemoth is ulurus’s son. XD


When it does get released, will it come up on the store?


No one knows the release date yet.They haven’t finished making it.

It will be up on the store, yes.


I’m guessing they will release it at the same time as everyone else. Infact, we got Evolve a few hours earlier than most others did. 2K has being pretty equal with release dates.


I pre-ordered evolve and got a code for the behemoth, could I put the code in now and be able to get him when he comes out?


There are other that are more notorious but koalas hunt those who hunt… It is not to be messed with!!!


Behemoth has already released worldwide! He was just censored out of the Australian version. :scream: