When do you think the new hunters will be announced


i just need an educated guess or a hint from @MacMan on when they’ll be announced

also i believe i know why they’re only two tier five hunters i think its the medic and heavy from tf2 i don’t really believe that but it would be funny

Necro's lesson on trying to be original

Not sure. I’m not privy to the marketing team’s plans.


but do you know who they are (the hunters i mean)? im not expecting you to tell im just curious @MacMan


I could imagine they announce the new content once the DLC drama has settled.
I hope it settles soon :slight_smile:


aye, hopefully


I actually think that the two tier 5 hunters thing is based on the idea that they are community created. PcMR owners will get the first two created. I don’t expect them to intend to keep the hunters per role number uneven.

I figure the 4th tier hunters are already done in concept and just need balancing and touched up like the Behemoth.


Yeah, you’ve seen their silhouettes right?


Probably after behemoth is released


whoops that was a stupid question @MacMan


did i say the say the same thing twice if so sorry i got an error message


From people I’ve talked to, you will hear more about the DLC hunters sooner than you think. :wink: