When did Torvald get his tattoos?

I know, I’ve heard the convo. This one in paticular http://dropship.evolveupdates.com/conversation/childish (man I love that site!). Torvald said he got them done after the Ajax went down. But…when?

Did he stop by Shear’s local tattoo parlour and the guy happened to know just the Celtic symbols Torvald was referring to? I’m surprised he found the time to get them done in-between seeking revenge and yelling ‘Doom!’ at stuff.

Plus if you look closely some of the makings around his wounds look old…like they were there before and the damage to his skin ‘scratched’ some of it off. Otherwise the tattoo artist would have had to really reach into some of those crevices and paint little bit of the pattern.
(https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/uploads/short-url/fLd3Ool6do9smp3OFm1gc129jwZ.jpeg Torvald turnaround)

Food for thought.

The robots did it to him while they were busy with his robot suit. At least that’s what I think happened.

“Rebuild me” line: http://dropship.evolveupdates.com/conversation/rebuild-me


Makes sense…if the rest of the crew got them done, then there might’ve been a tattoo-bot on board as well.

The AJAX destruction happenned 13 month before the Shear events, he had plenty of time to stop in a tatoo parlour anywhere in the Galaxy to get those tatooes.

Ignore me, you heard that one and that’s what made you ask the question :slight_smile:



I always thought he’s had them since he was a young man, apparently not.