When did ps4 pre-purchase end?


I bought the online PSN version as of Feb 9th, around 9:30pm at night. I was researching when the pre-purchase date ended and most sites show it’s essentially when it hits midnight (Feb 10th). My local retail gamestop was closed so that was the second best option for purchasing. Did i miss out on the DLC? Are the codes being emailed? I have the receipt online via my email. Am i just too late for “pre-purchasing the game”?

thank you if anyone has info on this.


I did the same basic thing with Dragon Age: Inquisition and I got my code emailed to me later in the day. I’d say give it a day or two and if you can’t find it in your email by then, contact PSN via email or phone.


Can anyone else confirm this? If you bought it sometime earlier this week did they change it from pre-purchase to just the "regular game? Was there a time frame for the pre purchase? Or if you bought it before the 10th have you gotten your codes from online psn? not through a hard copy retail