When can we have chat history?


I need it. Keep missing what people are saying and no way to refer back.


Doesn’t seem to be important to anybody except me. :sob:


Yes. This. Such an obvious thing too.


i am saying this since alpha. getting ignored and countered by “chat is perfectly fine”. yeah… fine, the text displays for 0,00002 seconds.

despite it beeing an obvious thing, this seems to not be an issue for ANYBODY. i ask why? it is not possible to have an conversation because you always get interrupted by loading screens, then cant talk to the enemy, then the chat lags and swallows keys, and when you tab out for a second. you never will know if someone wrote anything.


I think this is a good idea. Maybe combine it with the map for the tab key.


maybe dont overcomplicate things and just show it when pressing enter??


I think the ‘normal’ way would do. Just show it when you press enter.



I have noticed this since Alpha too but have been keeping quiet because I thought it was ‘still alpha’ and they’re probably going to include it in release… which is like now. So now I make a thread about it.


yeah… i too tend to create more and more posts until it is heard. a shit thing to do but the only thing that is barely working.

the problem is, this came up in alpha and beta. people complained. the masses came and bashed him, saying “no this is fine, i play xbone. no change needed”.


I’ll try summoning @MacMan.